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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  December 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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now at noon, warming centers set up in the east bay after more than 6,000 people are left without heat all due to a gas outage. hi, everyone. good afternoon. families in discovery bay have been without gas to heat their homes since yesterday afternoon. jackie ward is live in
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discovery bay with when service could be restored. jackie? >> reporter: so some people in the discovery bay area have been without heat for 35 hours now. pg&e said they have 200 crews working to restore it and get it back up as quickly as possible. after waiting fours hour pg&e to turn their gas back on, this is all it takes. in less than 20 minute, the gas is restored and the space heaters can be turned off. >> this is how we kept warm last night. >> reporter: this homeowner is lucky. she got her heat up around 9:00 a.m. and said the past few nights weren't too difficult. >> it wasn't so bad. we made due with some of the heaters and so when we came down we hit our propane heater. each of the rooms, we shut the doors and kept warm. >> reporter: at one point, 6200 homes were affected by what pg&e is describing as a regulator malfunction that caused a loss of pressure on a major gas line. with temperatures in the low 30s, weather may be to blame.
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>> really don't see gas outages of this size very often but we're constantly training and preparing for any signed of situation, including things like this. so that when the time does come, we know exactly what to do and we're ready to roll. >> reporter: the people we spoke to said pg&e did a good job giving them enough notice to prepare and updated them as often as possible. if you didn't have a space heater or extra blankets those things may have been hard to find. >> we went to buy a new blanket and the people said they were slammed with people buying everything. >> reporter: the red cross and pg&e set up warming centers but not many people needed to use them. at last check, about 5200 homes were still without heat. pg&e at one point said they hope to have everyone back up and running around 5:00 tonight. but since then they said there they are gonna do it as quickly as possible. they are asking if you live in the neighborhood, stay close to your home so when crews come to
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your neighborhood, they are able to restore your heat instead of leaving a hanger and coming back later. and much of the nation is dealing with ice, snow, flooding and even cleaning up after tornadoes. >> let's get the very latest from roberta in the weather senter. >> we did have an area of low pressure, a cold front breeze through the bay area dumping about .25 of rain. the wettest location of henry coe park outside of morgan hill and dusting of snow. we did clear out over the golden gate bridge. clouds are filtering back in. temperatures are in the 40s after dipping down to 36 degrees in the santa rosa area. it is now 47 degrees in san jose. 46 degrees in oakland. those clouds that you are looking at are all the remnants of that area of low pressure that continues to nose dive in this southerly direction. we have a little bit of clouds that will linger throughout the day. overall, we'll call it partly cloudy. by tonight, after the sun goes
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down, the skies clear and the temperatures dip down to freezing in brentwood, tracy, oakley and fairfield. it will be freezing overnight throughout the trivalley. just above freezing in santa rosa. 34 slewout the santa clara valley. the closer you get to the body of water, around the bay and ocean, the temperatures will be in the mid-40s. cold nights ahead and the new year's eve forecast is coming up later on in this news forecast. back to you. >> thank you. wide and deadly weather crashed through a section of the country over the weekend. at least 40 people were killed. nine twisters killed at least 11. that 15eu78 storm system is bringing blizzard conditions to the panhandles of texas, oklahoma and new mexico. here's more. >> reporter: many residents are retrieving what little they have left following this weekend's deadly tornadoes. >> compared to our neighbors, i mean, i think we got pretty
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lucky, the house is still spanding. >> reporter: more than 100 homes in the garland area were reduced to rubble saturday when and ef- 4 tornado parking winds up to00 miles an -- 200 miles an hour tore through the area. this 68-year-old woman said it was the scariest night of her life. >> i stayed in my closet all night long shaking week a leaf. >> reporter: a 4-hour curfew remains in connect in rowlette after a tornado caused significant damage. you can see the tornado knocked over this van. behind me, it ripped the roof off this home. on sunday, authorities evacuated residents near this water tower. >> at this point we've had an engineer familiar with that water tower assess it. based upon the damage he saw he was concerned enough to ask us to drain it. >> reporter: this is now
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blanketing the texas panhandle, oklahoma and new mexico with heavy snow. whiteout conditions and massive snow drifts led officials to shut down near all of interstate 40s as dozens of vehicles slided off slick roads. forecasters expect up to 15 inches of snow before the system moves onto the northeast. back to you. two people are dead after a fire ripped through an oakland apartment complex. this is the third time firefighters have been called out to this same apartment. >> reporter: neighbors in this community tell me this apartment complex near east lawn and 63rd wasn't much to look at. >> it was always boarded up. >> reporter: but it was surrounded by firefighters, just after 1:00 a.m., a fire destroyed one of the now units. it took an hour to get it under control. when firefighters were finished, they found a man and a woman dead inside. >> we're going to team up with
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alameda county coroner and opd. get the fire victims moved and investigate the cause and origin of the fire with our investigators. >> reporter: this woman lives across the street. society this place has been vacant. >> for years. maybe like five or six years. >> reporter: no one has lived in this building? >> no. that i know of and i've been around this area for 45 years. >> reporter: she told me this place was a popular area for squatters. >> it was always vacant. people would go in there and sleep, homeless. >> reporter: and oakland fire confirmed this was spoebsed supposed to be a vacant building and it wasn't the first time a fire happened at this complex. this is the third fire here this year. the last one happened just a few weeks ago. firefighters say they have yet to determine the cause of the overnight fire. in oakland, back to you. >> and investigators are looking to see if and when the gas was turned off in the vacant complex. solano county investigators are looking for a woman
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suspected of animal abuse. this video shows a woman showing a pug near texas and pennsylvania street. this caught the attention of police after being posted online. county animal services identify the woman as brandy chin. investigators say it's apparently connected to an argument between the suspect and her boyfriend. >> she was recently seen walking down the business district and apparently had the dog by the tail. and she was swinging it around. >> investigators now believe chen is hiding out somewhere in the vallejo area. >> should be punished and maybe someone should talk to her about animal cruelty. >> anyone with information urged to call solano county humane animal services. >> the driver of an shuv is expected to be cited for a crash involving a tour bus in saturday night in an accident that happened saturday night along the embarcadero.
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eight people suffered minor injuries. the suv driver caused a crash by making an improper lane change. the bus driver slammed on the brakes but was not able to avoid hitth suv. dave henderson has died. he died of a heart attack in seattle yesterday weeks after undergoing kidney strans plant surgery. he spent six seasons with the as and was a key players in the 1989 world series championship season. he played for the san jose mission before beginning his career as a seattle mariner and had pig hits for the red sox. dead at the age of a 7. crews in southern california hope to fully contain a wildfire. the fire has burned more than 100 acres in ventura county and is now 75% contained. investigators say it was started by arcing power lines on friday. the concern, not what's left of the fire but the potential for land slides. >> the root systems that would
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hold this soil in place are gone. if we get intense rain, say an inch an hour or more, there's a good chance we could end up with depreflow slides. >> the fire temporarily closed the highway temporarily. peyton manning on the offensive. >> his response, accusations he says of human growth hormone coming up. and new laws for the new year. that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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responding to a broadcast rt linking him and other athles erformance- peyton manning responding to a report linking him and other athletes to illegal
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performance-enhancing drugs. manning said the report was completely fabricated. the story aired on al-jazeera. a man chammed charles sly on hidden camera -- claimed charles sly on hidden camera says his recorded claim is not true. multiple new laws will take effect when the new year begins at the end of this week. they cover everything from your paycheck to your privacy. >> reporter: air soft and realistic-looking toy guns have to flash more floressence. they will need colored trigger guards. the law is in response to the killing of andy lopez shot by deputies in 2015 after they mistook his toy gun for the real thing. a push to close the gap between men and women's wages in 2016 pain must be the same for
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substantially similar work. that's a step up from equal work. women can talk openly about their pay and ask coworkers about theirs. cheerleaders who root on procedure athletes will become employee. this follows a lawsuit prout by former raiderettes. in response to elliott rogers' killing spree near the santa barbara cam campus last year, family members can get a restraining order from getting a gun if they believe that person will commit violence. a move to catch up privacy laws with technology, law enforcement will need a search warrant to see your e-mails, text messages or internet search history. and if you would like to see a new law enacted through a ballot measure it will cost money to submit your proposal.
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well, a mighty frosty start to our day. let's get the forecast with roberta. >> we have the cold front breeze through the bay area. we saw up to .25 of rain at henry coe park outside of morgan hill. otherwise, around was around .10. according to one of our weather watchers, this is 42 degrees in redwood city according to robert sullivan. thank you for checking in with us at this lunchtime. let's see. 48. that's george hughes reporting 8/100ths from this last little system that worked its way through the bay area. more clouds. right now, our live high-def doppler radar not picking up activity onshore. offshore, a lot of cloud at the coast. hey, the coast is not clear. >> no, it's not. >> 40s across the board. 47 degrees in concord. it's 44 degrees in santa rosa. this is what you need to know
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as we -- gosh, we start this last week of 2015. colder than average for a while. quiet weather all week long and then it will remain dry all the way through neef into new year's day. at least the next couple of days. as we kick start a brand-new year, 2016. this is the passage of the cold front. it's sliding to the south and then behind it, a lot of unstable air mass. that's why we're picking up the clouds rolling in and out of the bay area. we've had some snow expecting anywhere between 3 and 6 inches of snow in the highest elevation of the high sierra. yosemite, 38 and the snow is wrapping up there as well. today the temperatures across the bay area are a couple of degrees by low average. pretty much 50s from 51 degrees. that's as good as it gets in the trivalley. to 57 in alameda through berkeley into oakland. overnight tonight, freezing away from the bray. 40s across the bay. along the immediate seashore. winds will be northwest of 15
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during the day but settling below 5 miles an hour allowing the chill in the area to cause frost. okay. there's the sunset, 4:58. sun is up at 7:24. for those who keep track of things. 22 seconds more of daylight hours today compared to yesterday. nine hours and 48 minutes. that's how long the daylight hours are. sunshiny days each and every day. a little bit of a break. allowing the soil to dry a little bit from all of our recent rains and we'll look forward to the next system. this is an outside chance for late sunday. >> new year's eve will be pretty good. >> yes. >> but cold. cuddle up with the one you love. >> good news. >> yes. another short week of trading on wall street. we're down 37 points at this hour. >> and we'll be back after this break. >> stay with us. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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healthy snack to nibble on? today, tony tantill-o takess shopping for cherries. looking a for a healthy snack to nibble on. >> and who isn't? >> tony shakes discuss shopping for cherries -- takes us shopping for cherries. >> we get all of the summer fruit and even like california, another growing area that
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produce some of the summer fruit, those are cherries. that's coming in from chile. they are not that inexpensive. let's talk about selection. when you buy them, look at that bag carefully, they are dark red, with the stems attached. make sure there's no moisture in the bag and when you bring them home, store them in the refrill rater. cherries from chile in the market taste pretty good. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. not bad. >> all right. after more than half a century a neighborhood pet store in san rafael is closing for good. >> it's pet arcade. it's an old-fashioned pet store that offers personal services like boarding animals. the owner says it's time to call it a career, citing competition from the internet.
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customers are sad to see it go. >> everybody is doing stuff online and it just -- it kills our little mom and pop places. >> they weren't happy about it. >> the pet arcade is having a going out of business sale that will run until the end of the year. thousands of college students will graduate and earn their degrees this year. >> we break it down. >> in an ideal world we would find satisfying work that pays a decent salary. a focus on exean compensation. the company's annual survey asks grads if they feel their jobs make the world a better place. high of paying engineers majors got high marks. but the major at the top of the
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list with 97% of grads saying they do meaningful work is medical laboratory science. this area prepares students for exciting, challenging and dynamic careers, in places such as hospital labs and clinics. forensic labs and industrial research labs. professionals in this field are in high demand and with predicted growth to be expected to be average. in the bay area they earn over $93,200 a year. if you like solving problems, the focus on clinical laboratory science could lead to a lucrative and rewarding career. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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has become the fastest movi reach one-billion dollars ix office receipts. it took 12 days... one fewer day than "jurassic worl "star wars" has become the fastest movie to reach $1 billion in box office receipts. for the week, the movie took in more than $15 million. daddy's home, joy, sisters and alvin and the chipmunks rounded out the top five. with the city of san francisco bursting, why they say justin beaver is making the streets ugly. >> that should be interesting. >> ugly? >> ugly.
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>> the streets of san francisco ugly. have to tune in for that one. >> you have to watch at 5:00. how are we doing? >> we have a few clouds drifted into the bay area associated with the cold front that breezed through. i'm sure you heard a couple of raindrops. rain is out of here. dry weather patterns settling in. bundle up tonight. 20 to the 30s, low 40s. >> bring it on. >> it will be cold. >> all right. thank you for joining us. >> have a great day, everybody. we'll be up bright and early. come join us.
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>> wyatt: hi. >> quinn: [ gasps ] oh, you're wearing the shirt i got you. >> wyatt: [ laughs ] yes, i am. >> quinn: hey, by the way, thank you so much for coming over. i mean, with deacon in europe visiting hope, i would have been all alone. this way, i got to spend christmas with my handsome son. >> wyatt: i know. it was nice, wasn't it? >> quinn: it was nice. it was like old times -- just the two of us. >> wyatt: yeah. >> quinn: yeah. >> wyatt: uh, listen, uh...i wanted to let you know something before word gets out. [ chuckles ] i'm...proposing to ivy today. >> quinn: what?


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